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I had several really great conversations yesterday. I got some good insight into my gloomy state of mind and overwhelming frustration. The truth of the matter is a lot of what we are frustrated about and overwhelmed with is our own fault. For me it’s not putting this away right when I am finished with it or picking up the slack and not voicing my need of help at the time. I have great intentions for choir charts, tight schudules, and orginaization but I am horrible at follow through. I am a dreamer. I want to do so many things I sometimes feel like I am spinning in cirlces and it is my own caouis that is causing it. Not that all my craziness is my fault but I can only control how I react to the chaos.

I enlisted the help of  my husband to champion me. I know it sounds weird but I have had some friend of ours share with me how much they apperciate him and what an encourager he is. They said he made them feel that someone cared and believed in the dream that God placed with in them. Well I got to thinking, this resource is at my finger tips so why don’t I give it a try.
This morning I told Steve my thoughts and he said “giddy up”. He started teliing me what I needed to do to change my day. That always goes over so well at first!! I held my tongue because after all I did seek him out on this matter. I have to say that his words of wisdom did help me adjust my outlook on the day. Even though the kids were screaming and I don’t mean crying I mean screaming like viens popping out of the neck kind of screaming!
However the day did improve with slight melt down by both mommy and kids. I am thankful that I can share with him my frustration and I am really thankful that God held my toung so he didn’t get the brunt of it.
I am working on changing my outlook. The Lord makes every day and we need to rejoice and be glad in it. This is so much easier to swallow when life is smooth sailing but true character grows when it is put to the test.
So today is ending at the gym and helping out a friend. Thank you so much for all the prayers today. I know the God answers prayers and hears our heart cries.


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