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Category Archives: INSPIRATION

Thoughts I hope will impact you the way they have impacted me.

I had the chance this past week to go to California with Steve and attend Catalyst West. A great conference for church leaders. To be honest I was really looking forward to getting away from my responsibilities as a mom for an entire week more then attending the conference. I arrived Saturday evening and thought I would begin to unwind and allow myself to sleep in and rest. I am simply not wired like that at all. I was up every morning around 6 a.m. and hit the gym when I could. Steve and I enjoyed our quiet breakfasts and deep conversations for the first few days and then conference life began. I was excited to finally put faces to the names that Steve has talked about for years. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet everyone was and the amount of social Justice awareness that the conference supported.

I found myself loving the speakers and feeling fully engaged in the events that were taking place. I have had a heart for orphans and single mothers for many years and at times have been busy in ministries that touch on these areas. I have wanted our family to be involved in a ministry that we can pour into and one day take our children to see what we have been giving and praying for. We did adopt our first born and yes that is a blessing that we see growing everyday but I knew God had more. So I shared with Steve that I felt like we should “adopt” a compassion child. I know he doesn’t feel led to adopt another child into our home at this time yet I knew that God was calling us to open our hearts. So We know are sponsoring a little boy named Maxwell from Kenya. Shortly after I picked our little Maxwell I sat through another session that ignited my heart and poked at the areas that God had placed in me long ago. I realized at that moment that our obedience to “adopt” Maxwell was the activation button for the ministry that he birthed in me long ago. I realized that the uneasiness and the irritation that I had been feeling last month was the friction that would bring forth change today. I may be a mom of 4 and a wife but that is not all that I am. I needed this time away and the stillness of the days for God to stir in me the passions that have been laid dormant. I may not be able to go to Africa yet but I can pray, it may be to early to go to Haiti but I can pray, I may not have the financial flexibility to write the checks that I would love to but I can pray. I am believing for miracles this year. I am believing for God to deposit creativity into me to be able to raise money for orphans this year. I realized that I can loth in self pity and be overwhelmed by my circumstances or I can pray that God will help me to make away for the purposes he has put in me to shine.

My question for you today is what have you put on the shelf because of your busy life. We are all busy! However we can restructure our lives to fit in the passion God placed in us all long ago.


I had several really great conversations yesterday. I got some good insight into my gloomy state of mind and overwhelming frustration. The truth of the matter is a lot of what we are frustrated about and overwhelmed with is our own fault. For me it’s not putting this away right when I am finished with it or picking up the slack and not voicing my need of help at the time. I have great intentions for choir charts, tight schudules, and orginaization but I am horrible at follow through. I am a dreamer. I want to do so many things I sometimes feel like I am spinning in cirlces and it is my own caouis that is causing it. Not that all my craziness is my fault but I can only control how I react to the chaos.

I enlisted the help of  my husband to champion me. I know it sounds weird but I have had some friend of ours share with me how much they apperciate him and what an encourager he is. They said he made them feel that someone cared and believed in the dream that God placed with in them. Well I got to thinking, this resource is at my finger tips so why don’t I give it a try.
This morning I told Steve my thoughts and he said “giddy up”. He started teliing me what I needed to do to change my day. That always goes over so well at first!! I held my tongue because after all I did seek him out on this matter. I have to say that his words of wisdom did help me adjust my outlook on the day. Even though the kids were screaming and I don’t mean crying I mean screaming like viens popping out of the neck kind of screaming!
However the day did improve with slight melt down by both mommy and kids. I am thankful that I can share with him my frustration and I am really thankful that God held my toung so he didn’t get the brunt of it.
I am working on changing my outlook. The Lord makes every day and we need to rejoice and be glad in it. This is so much easier to swallow when life is smooth sailing but true character grows when it is put to the test.
So today is ending at the gym and helping out a friend. Thank you so much for all the prayers today. I know the God answers prayers and hears our heart cries.

My husband always tells me that the little things add up. He is usually talking about shopping! This is such a true statement in so may ways. In life the good things that you do for your spouse add up and the bad do too. When you fight it is always the bad that get thrown back up but never the good. I am trying in my life to focus on the good things about my husband. I want him to know how very proud of him I am. He is an amazing father, husband and friend. He is the hardest working man I know and I am thankful for the way he takes care of us. I want him to always feel that our home is a soft place to fall and a safe haven. I know we both have made many mistakes throughout the last 11 1/2 years of our marriage but the only way to move forward is to not look back. I am happy to hear him say “he can’t wait to get home “,and he “misses us when he is away”. I feel very blessed to have such a great family and I don’t take any of it for granted. So, for me I wanna try and do the little things that matter to him more often and lay aside the negative comments and unrealistic expectations that I at times put on him.

Are you running toward your dreams or are you running away from your realities? In life we are always running in one direction or another. If your running toward what your passionate about it is always an adventure. You are more willing to take chances and step out of your comfort zone. If your running away from your realities you will try to find a way to hide. You will be afraid to take chances because you will be afraid of failure. when your running to something their is always great expectations but when you run away from something there is always disappointment. I wanna run toward something everyday of my life. I don’t wanna run away from things I want to meet them head on and be able to move on. Where are you today?

Last night I was frustrated and I mean like hair standing straight out on it’s ends frustrated.

I made a nice meal and placed it in front of the twins who in turn took a couple bites and told me they were done. They then proceeded to rub their spaghetti all over themselves and then they started to fling it at one another. ( Somebody please call nanny 911!)Don’t they understand the effort it takes to make a nice meal or the cost for that matter. Of course they don’t they are just babies. As I was getting the twins into the bath I started thinking about all the messes we as adults get ourselves into and how much more frustrated with us God must get because it’s not just a simple dinner mess it’s our lives.

I held the thought for a bit and contemplated it in my mind. Why do we get ourselves into so many messes as adults. My children do it because they are exploring the world around them and they are testing limits. Sometimes this is the case with adults as well. I think that the messes come from a place of worry and fear as we get older. We worry about the future and we have a hard time with faith so we begin to take matters into our own hands and the fear of letting go and letting God have control is just to much of a risk. I could just picture God setting a table with everything just so and then all of a sudden we take what he made us and try to fling it around and make it stick in the world we created for ourselves aside from Him.

I know this may seem like a heavy matter over some spilled spaghetti. I guess this is how God deals with me in this stage of my life. My life is filled to the brim with kids and responsibilities but I have to say that I do continue to pray and seek God through out my day and sometimes it’s in these crazy moments I see a picture in my mind such as this one above. So my question for you today is do you tend to worry and fear the future or do you try to let go and let God direct your steps?

On my run tonight my mind just stayed on the  word INTENTIONAL.

I could not stop thinking about the things in my life that I need to make a priority. I love to run and have been running on and off since I was 13. I am not a long runner or a super fast runner but I love to get out side and challenge myself . The longest run that I have taken has been 6 miles. For some of you that is a short run but for me that was a milestone. My goal is 10 miles by the end off the year. Not that I will run this everyday but once or twice a week would be perfect. I say all this to give you an example of something that I have to be intentional about or it will NEVER happen.

What in your life do you want to accomplish and have not as of yet because you have not been intentional about it? Sometimes it’s the simple things like cooking more meals at home, or taking time to read to your children everyday, perhaps reading your bible and praying, it may even be connecting with family and friends on a regular basis.

What in your life is causing you to put your goals aside? Sometimes all the technology that is at our fingertips distracts us from our realities. I wanna challenge you  to grab a notebook and keep track of the time you spend checking your twitter and sending twitters, emails, txt messages and games on your phone. Take a week and let’s see how much time we spend doing these things. If you find that you are spending hours a week on this perhaps you can cut back a little so you can be intentional about meeting some of your life goals.

I am challenging myself right along side of you. I wanna see what is eating my time so that I can prioritize and be more intentional about the important things in my life.

I have to say that I am slightly frustrated with myself. I was killing it in the gym 4-5 nights a week before we moved to Nashville. Not to mention eating like a diet slave. That has not been the case since the move. The gym, what gym! We have not joined a gym yet although I have ran a handful of times and worked out at home. Still NOT the same. I have tipped the scale in the wrong direction by about 2 pounds. I know I know you think I should shut up about it and move on. Well I wish I could.

I worked my hind end off to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight and I was so proud that I had dipped even lower then that. I am learning several things about myself in this process. I love sweets and unless I am intentional I am gonna fail. This is true in all areas of my life. I have to set up time in my day to read my bible and pray. I have to set up time in my week to clean and do laundry and all the other musts to keep this ship afloat. I have to be intentional about my diet and the exercise routine that I desire. It is so much easier to fly by the seat of your pants in life although I am not sure you accomplish your personal goals or any other goals for that matter. As a mom of four wonderfully active kids I have to be intentional in every area of my life or I will fail myself. No one may ever know where I have fallen short in my life, but I will.

At the end of the day do you want to feel that you have accomplished your tasks or do you want to feel that uneasy feeling in yourself that you should have done more? Be intentional about your time.