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I had the chance this past week to go to California with Steve and attend Catalyst West. A great conference for church leaders. To be honest I was really looking forward to getting away from my responsibilities as a mom for an entire week more then attending the conference. I arrived Saturday evening and thought I would begin to unwind and allow myself to sleep in and rest. I am simply not wired like that at all. I was up every morning around 6 a.m. and hit the gym when I could. Steve and I enjoyed our quiet breakfasts and deep conversations for the first few days and then conference life began. I was excited to finally put faces to the names that Steve has talked about for years. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet everyone was and the amount of social Justice awareness that the conference supported.

I found myself loving the speakers and feeling fully engaged in the events that were taking place. I have had a heart for orphans and single mothers for many years and at times have been busy in ministries that touch on these areas. I have wanted our family to be involved in a ministry that we can pour into and one day take our children to see what we have been giving and praying for. We did adopt our first born and yes that is a blessing that we see growing everyday but I knew God had more. So I shared with Steve that I felt like we should “adopt” a compassion child. I know he doesn’t feel led to adopt another child into our home at this time yet I knew that God was calling us to open our hearts. So We know are sponsoring a little boy named Maxwell from Kenya. Shortly after I picked our little Maxwell I sat through another session that ignited my heart and poked at the areas that God had placed in me long ago. I realized at that moment that our obedience to “adopt” Maxwell was the activation button for the ministry that he birthed in me long ago. I realized that the uneasiness and the irritation that I had been feeling last month was the friction that would bring forth change today. I may be a mom of 4 and a wife but that is not all that I am. I needed this time away and the stillness of the days for God to stir in me the passions that have been laid dormant. I may not be able to go to Africa yet but I can pray, it may be to early to go to Haiti but I can pray, I may not have the financial flexibility to write the checks that I would love to but I can pray. I am believing for miracles this year. I am believing for God to deposit creativity into me to be able to raise money for orphans this year. I realized that I can loth in self pity and be overwhelmed by my circumstances or I can pray that God will help me to make away for the purposes he has put in me to shine.

My question for you today is what have you put on the shelf because of your busy life. We are all busy! However we can restructure our lives to fit in the passion God placed in us all long ago.